Hey Everyone!

My name is Stacie and I am a transplant from Pennsylvania farm country to Arizona metropolis!  Stacie

I grew up knowing how to grow fruits and vegetables since I could walk! Wild and homegrown produce is The Best!

As I’ve gotten older, my energy has lagged. And although I’m in very
good shape and I eat healthy, trying to keep up with work and kids has
been a losing battle. So I started on a journey to find effective
supplements to help my productivity and health.

It took hours and hours of research to find the ones I wanted to try.
And once I found a good product to try, nine times out of ten? It
tasted Horrible! With these superfood supplements, I found wonderful
products that gave me the energy and overall healthy feeling… and they
taste good!

So I decided to share what I’ve found because I want to save as many
people as I can from spending a crazy amount of time in a tasteless,
fruitless search (pun intended) for quality supplements. We are all so
busy nowadays, who doesn’t need a hand with increasing energy and health
without spending hours, even days on it?

My frustration was the impetus to create this website and share these
supplements and their creators with as many people as possible! And I
may even share a recipe they recommend or a new one I’ve found to make
living healthy more fun and delicious!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Have a wonderful, healthy day!

Stacie Stocker

Founder of Superfood Supplements

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